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Shining Clean Services is on a mission to transform spaces into havens of cleanliness and order. Our commitment is to provide top-notch cleaning services that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. We strive to make everyday life easier, healthier, and more enjoyable by delivering excellence in every cleaning task we undertake. At Shining Clean Services, your satisfaction is our driving force.

About us

Shining Clean Services is a trusted name in the cleaning industry, with over five years of experience in serving the cleaning needs of Auckland and New Zealand. Our journey began with a simple goal: to make cleanliness accessible and convenient for everyone. Over the years, we have grown and evolved, but our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment for your loved ones. Our founder, [Founder’s Name], started this company with a passion for cleaning and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Today, we are proud to have a team of experienced professionals who share the same passion and commitment.

At Shining Clean Services, we believe that a clean space can have a significant impact on your quality of life. It’s not just about removing dirt and dust; it’s about creating an atmosphere of comfort, well-being, and peace of mind. We take pride in our attention to detail, our use of eco-friendly products, and our ability to customize our services to meet your unique needs.

Our journey is a continuous one, as we strive to raise the bar in the cleaning industry. We are grateful for the trust our customers have placed in us, and we look forward to serving you and your community for many years to come.

Thank you for choosing Shining Clean Services as your cleaning partner. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward.

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